Before you use any of our services or goods, please read our Bristol Taxi Term and Conditions.

Let us know about any changes made in your confirmed ticket

Please carefully read your ticket confirmation and let us know if anything can be improved. Please let Bristol Taxi know as soon as possible if there are any changes to the reservation. We will do our best to check all the flight information the client gives us, but Bristol Taxi is not responsible for any mistakes, cancellations, or changes to the schedule that cause the client or person to lose money or be late. We reserve the right to refuse or end any reservation that we think isn’t real.

Charged with fair price upon changing trip schedule

All prices listed are for the original trip. If you need to change your plans or make a stop, you will be charged a fair price. Bristol Taxi will offer a price based on the path the driver takes between the Pickup Address and the customer’s destination. This means that if the customer wants to take a different route than the one that Bristol Taxi usually takes, we can charge the customer extra for that booking.

Not responsible for loss of bags or any damage

It is the passenger(s)’ responsibility to load and unload their bags, and we will not be responsible for any loss or damage to those bags. If a person wants, our drivers will help them with their bags. The luggage will be brought right to the front door of the building. Well, the customer understands and agrees that any luggage in the passenger vehicle may move around during the trip. Because of this, the customer and any other passengers should be extra careful when opening the passenger vehicle’s luggage area.

Anyone in the car who leaves their belongings behind does so at their own risk. There may be extra fees to return things that were left in the vehicle.

Suppose traffic is held up because of bad weather, roads that are closed, or things like war, riots, strikes, terrorist activity and its effects, natural or nuclear disasters, fires, or theft or damage to any of the passengers’ belongings while they are riding in our vehicles (unless a member of our staff caused it). In that case, neither the company nor the driver will be responsible. If things happen that are out of our control, we may have to stop all services and give you a refund.

Criteria to follow for scheduling airport pickup

If someone has scheduled an airport pick-up, the driver will wait for up to two hours after the plane lands. From a cruise ship or train stop, the driver will wait up to an hour from the time of the reservation. A passenger is considered to be a no-show if they don’t meet the driver by this time or don’t call us to let us know what’s going on. Sometimes a customer books a ride with a driver over the phone or online and planned to pay cash. In that case, you will need to provide a debit or credit card as security. If the driver doesn’t show up, the card will be charged.

Getting your payment back: but how?

People who book ahead of time with a debit or credit card will only get their money back if they show up. If you book Cash Services through Bristol Taxi, the contract is between the driver and the customer, with Bristol Taxi acting as the driver’s agent. This contract is subject to these Terms, and any references to “the Company” in these Terms will mean the driver providing the Cash Services. These Terms are the terms of trade between the driver and the customer. So that everything is clear, the customer will not be charged VAT when they pay for any Cash Services.

Can my kids have drinks and food in your car?

Some foods and drinks can only be eaten or drunk in the car if the driver decides to. Parents who book a trip can let us know that they are taking a child seat with them, and we will not charge them extra.

We can refuse to let someone travel if we think they will be a bother or a threat to our other passengers or workers. This means that there will be no return. If a passenger damages one of our vehicles, we will charge the total amount to fix the vehicle. This is because the passenger was responsible for the damage.